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    A possible exit


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    A possible exit

    Post  uberblake on Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:25 am

    I have realized how "good" this server is. Mainly it's just me compassing around with /vanish while spawning things to kill.
    Eventually, a guest would come on, and I would tell them what to do, while at the same time messing with them. They would soon build a house, which made me sort of sad, knowing that it would be griefed without being rolled back or the griefer getting banned.
    The staff were ok, I knew that every one of them hated me. My "abuse" was mainly towards my own brother, which everyone hated already, and mainly as a joke. Other than that, I did make some mistakes, but all of them were undo-able.
    My city was a start at something, not perfect, but mainly an idea. It was a break from all the faction stuff to just freebuild, for a small price. Unfortunately, it got griefed by the very own co-owner (blocky) and my friend's amazing house was destroyed, probably making it so he will never play minecraft multiplayer again.
    The faction idea failed. The factions didn't really do anything in the game, because most of the players are composed of admins. The guests who come on usually just want a nice house without grief, but because of the factions, griefing was not against the rules, thus making guests less likely to join.

    Comparing this server to the last: the last one was a lot more fun, and there were more regular players. A lot more new people would join for the little amount of advertising that was going on. Overall, it was a better server.

    Anyways, I might come on for like 2 minutes, but probably not. The staff list still has abusive admins (pretty much all but brodsey), which is a major flaw in the server. Lb also wasn't there, so you couldn't tell who griefed some "no grief areas", or who used X-ray. anyways...yeah

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    Re: A possible exit

    Post  blocky_balboa on Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:58 pm

    lol sorry, i didnt grief anything though..
    i think we should also scrap this factions, install lb and rollback make it free build!
    my idea just saying!
    i think alot more people would join.

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